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Electric sauna stoves with temperature control
SK 3 electric sauna stoves are intended for heating the cabins of saunas built in flats, houses, hotels or in separate buildings.
  • It is a stove for dry and wet saunas, where increases in humidity are achieved by pouring stones (steam shock).
  • The type series of sauna stoves is graded by their electrical input according to the size of the heated space. The basic type series is 3; 6; 9 kW.
Brand new unique design of our sauna stove body
    • Allows you to fill the interior of your stove with plenty of sauna stones that store heat. The uniform release of the accumulated heat prevents temperature fluctuations and air overheating in the sauna cabin.
    • The body of the sauna stove is made from an all-metal construction of anticorrosive material.
    • On the back of the stove body, brackets are attached to hang the stove on the wall of the sauna cabin.
    • With this new design, there are clear electricity savings.
Basic Features:
    • stainless steel design in all power ranges
    • possibility of pouring water over accumulation sauna stones
    • adjusting the temperature in the sweat area from 50°C to 110°C
    • automatic shutdown after ten hours of operation
    • electronic control box
    • easy assembly, operation and maintenance
    • long service life and environmentally friendly heating
    • automatic temperature control
The set of sauna stoves includes:
    • sauna stove body
    • EOS-07 control box
    • temperature sensor
    • connecting wires
    • sauna accumulation stones
    • installation and operating instructions
Prostorové umístění saunových kamen
Prostorové umístění saunových kamen
1 - SK 3 2 - Regulace 3 - Tepelné čidlo
Basic technical data
heating power3 kW6 kW9 kW
voltage3N 400V
recommended sweat area size2,8-4,8 m37,4-9,6 m311-14 m3
recommended number of persons1 - 23 - 44 - 6
stove width380 mm
stove height650 mm
stone depth190 mm260 mm330 mm
weight10,5 kg13,5 kg16,5 kg
Temperature control EOS 07
The control of the temperature of the sauna stove is carried out by means of a control panel (box), which is located outside the sweat area. Only a sensor that monitors the temperature is mounted in the sauna area.
There are several heating rods located in the sauna stoves, which are switched on or off depending on the temperature, thus controlling the stove output and maintaining the pre-set indoor air parameters.

Basic technical data
EOS 07
sauna stove heating power3 kW6 kW9 kW
voltage3N 400V
recommended supply protection
2 x 6A3 x 10A3 x 13A
temperature control rangeContinuous control from +10°C to +110°C
built-in thermal fuse131 °C
The control box electronics are equipped with a number of safety functions to ensure the safety of the sauna stove operation:

  • the control box internal timer switches off after ten hours of operation.
  • short circuit resistance or temperature sensor disconnection.
  • temperature monitoring of approx. 131°C in the cabin area by means of an independent temperature fuse.
  • securing the operation of sauna stoves during power outages.

The control box electronics are divided into two parts; the power section can be placed anywhere (for example in the switchboard) and only a small temperature control and a trigger with a display are placed on the sauna cabin wall.
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