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The cooperative was established in its original form by its entry in the Commercial Register at the Civil Court in Ostrava on 6 January 1951, where it is registered under the name “ZLATNÍK, lidové družstvo zlatníků a rytců, zapsané společenstvo s ručením omezeným v Ostravě” (a folk cooperative of goldsmiths and engravers, registered as a limited liability company in Ostrava).

The core business of the then-cooperative was the production and sale of gold and silver jewellery and clock repairs. In the 1960s, the cooperative expanded its activities to the area of electrical and metal production and started an extensive cooperation with leading companies of the former Czechoslovakia (Branecké železárny, ZPA Křižík Praha, Tesla Rožnov, Zbrojovka Vsetín, etc.).

The breakthrough in the development of the cooperative came after 1989, when the transformation of the cooperative was carried out in accordance with Act No. 42 of 21 December 1991, and “Zlatník Ostrava – a cooperative of artistic production” in its essence took the form of a legal business entity bringing together private owners who voluntarily decided to do business in production and trade.

The current activities of the cooperative are concentrated in the following business and production areas:

  • manufacture of electric sauna stoves and heaters
  • production of air conditioning units for metallurgical operations
  • installation and servicing of ventilation equipment
  • metalworking
  • metal surface finish
  • tool work
  • retail sales in cooperative stores
  • repairing gold jewellery
  • repairing clocks and watches
  • wholesale activity
  • foreign business activity

ZLATNÍK, družstvo umělecké výroby
Lešetínská 664/16
719 00 Ostrava-Kunčice

IČ: 00031437
DIČ: CZ00031437
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