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Production technology and surface finish
A wide range of technologies enables us to quickly and efficiently process any series for small businesses and large companies based on a request or drawing documentation, including the final surface finish.

material division

  • power shears
  • power saws
material thickness from 0.4 to 4 mm
max. diameter 180 mm, length 6000 mm
sheet and bulk metal forming
  • press work
  • bending machines
presses of nominal force from 100 to 160 kN
material width 2000 mm, thickness 2.5 mm
  • universal and centre lathes
  • automatic cam lathes  
  • horizontal and vertical milling cutters
  • single spindle drills
  • plane magnetic grinders  
  • round grinding machines  
  • centreless grinders
  • rotary riveter
maximum diameter 55 mm, loose-fit length 1700 mm
maximum diameter 36 mm  
maximum length 1000 mm, width 400 mm

maximum length 690 mm, width 200 mm
maximum diameter 30 mm, length 700 mm  
maximum diameter 30 mm, length 100 mm  
maximum rivet diameter 6 mm
welding and soldering
  • flame welding
  • electric arc welding
  • welding in CO2 atmosphere
  • resistance welding on welding presses and spot welders
manual locksmith and assembly work
  • production of welded constructions according to the given documentation
  • assembly of electromechanical products and equipment
  • assembly of metal equipment
Powder coating with paint - komaxit
  • Powder coating is a modern metal coating technology. It guarantees the high-quality surface finish of metals with powder paints.

  • Powder coating (komaxit) is performed by electrostatic paint or tribo-coating technology followed by kiln firing to melt the paint so that it adheres well to the surface.

  • wide range of colours
  • long-term heat resistance up to 120°C
  • corrosion resistance
  • UV resistance
  • high resistance to mechanical damage
  • powder coating selection from RAL colour range (maximum length 250 cm)
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