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Solenoid valves
Idle jet disconnectors

Application: Electromagnetic idle jet disconnectors are used to close and open the idle carburettor outlet channel.
Function: When the electric current is lead to the disconnector, the shut-off needle is pulled electromagnetically into the idle jet disconnector and the no-load mixture flow is released. If the power supply is interrupted, the shut-off needle will return back into the valve seat due to spring pressure and prevent the further passage of the mixture.
Design: Finish: zinc, zinc + yellow chromate

OTV 040
  idle jet disconnector
  use in Škoda 105, 120 cars
  (depending on the carburettor used – EDSR)
  Technical sheet OTV 040
OTV 041
idle jet disconnector
use in Škoda 105, 120 cars
(depending on the carburettor used – SEDR)
  Technical sheets OTV 041
OTV Lekr
  idle jet disconnector
use in Škoda Favorit cars
use in Škoda Felicie cars

  Technical sheets OTV Lekr
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